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How does it work?
When your electrical appliances runs of power, and you are nowhere near a charging point, our product will come in handy. When you are overseas and when you are out of your hotel room or when no where near a battery socket, all you have to do is to charge your electrical appliances with our product. This would come in handy when you go overseas and finding out that the socket does not match your charger too! 
There is no more for you to worry for ElectroPUMP is here! Simply PUMP for MAX Power!

Short Adapters (Sold Separately)
"Simplify your desk and life with these short USB to dock connector cables. Reduce the clutter in your bags too. Comes in black or white, in 7cm or 22cm lengths."

Special Market:
Apple Products Users
- iPhone
- Macbook (Apple)
- iPad
- iPod
  - Touch
  - Shuffle
  - Nano
  - Classic

• Phones USB Adapters

- Nokia
- Sony Ericsson
- Samsung
- LG

• Computers USB Adapters

- Hewlett Packard 
- Sony
- Dell
- Samsung
- Acer
- Eee PC

• Portable Gaming Devices / Tablets USB Adapters

- Playstation Portable (PSP)
- Nintendo DS / 3DS
- Nintendo Gameboy